A new way for groups to gather online.

Yotribe is a space where people choose their conversation partners/groups by approaching others - just like in real life.

Videoconferencing tools don't work in large groups

Gatherings with 15+ participants on videoconferencing tools are boring. Users can't split into smaller groups and navigate between  people and conversations of interest freely.


Yotribe runs on your browser. No need to download anything (desktop & mobile).

Video, Audio & Chat

Participants may interact through video, audio-only or written chat.

Unlimited Guests

Yotribe rooms can host anything between 15 and thousands of people.

Setup in 3 easy steps.

Get a room
choose the name & set your host password.
pick a background, guest password & ice-breaker question.
Invite guests
share the link to your room.
Get started now

Enter the room.

Click the link..
nothing could be simpler.
Take a snapshot
click on the button and give us your best smile!
Enter the room
type in the password, if the host set one.
Get started now

What others say.

"With Yotribe our community can actually interact and mingle during our online events which was not possible before."

Newton, Future of Mobility Event

"When we introduced Yotribe for our Friday drinks our team was delighted. Suddenly, online team events are fun!"

Lukas, Die Erdwärmebohrer

"We use Yotribe for several gatherings we organise online due to it's open format and customization options."

Tom, Factory